HR Management Consulting
HR Management Consulting
Executive Human Resources Management (E.HRM) Aydin Cavusoglu
Executive Human Resources Management(E.HRM)Aydin Cavusoglu

Services and competencies

I develop solutions for the entire spectrum of personnel work. Here, I have specialized in a place where others stop. 22 years experience in the HR environment, including 12 years in HR management and 10 years in HR-IT. My many years of experience encompass different sectors, from small and medium-sized enterprises to large corporations. I do not just see things from the point of view of human resources or management, but also from the point of view of IT (HR-IT). In short, I act as the voice of HR and HR-IT.


The many years of experience both as HR manager and as HR-IT responsible help me to solve the problems and risks;


  • to recognize and judge faster.
  • to recognize and judge faster.
  • to create uniform structures
  • Optimally align processes and processes to your needs
  • Accompanying and implementing restructuring measures
  • HR transformation and digitization of HR processes.
  • Complex HR organizations and processes
  • Organizational development with regard to function and responsibility
  • Optimizing the HR processes and processes after a restructuring